All Common term patterns




        Personal data

                How user approves of personal data use

By accepting this agreement


User owns
License to use

                Personal data access by provider

For investigations
For support issues
For marketing
According to privacy policy

                Personal data access by other users

Contact details can be listed
Not for sale

                Personal data can be given to authorities

If required by law, after notifying user
If required by legal process

                Personal data can be published

For given reasons
According to user settings
Energy Consumption Data in individual and aggregate Form

                Personal data geographic distribution

Any country where provider is present
Will be transferred to USA

                Security and integrity of user data

Industry strength or better

                Third party sharing

For market research
When using module

                What data will be recorded

Any data provided by user
Email ID
What data will be recored
Purchase records

        Provider content

Provider can add or remove at will

                Licensing of provider content

Copyright protected

                Modify provider data

Not allowed


Provider owns
Third party owns

                Reuse of provider content

Permission required
Approved for personal use.
Quoting approved.

        Quality of content

No guarantee

                Supervision of content

Provider takes no responsibility

                Third party content quality

Provider takes no responsibility

        Reuse of content

Not allowed
GNU Free Documentation License
Re-selling not allowed
Permission required
Only as expressly permitted in contract
Not for advertising
Permission required for images
Users must be able to withdraw data
Must be done using API
Attribution and date required
Multiple licences
No limitation
Not for own marketing

                4th party access to user data

Only for intended application

                Alternative format available


                DMCA compliance


                How to determine licencing

Page footer, page history

                Licencing notice

Hyperlink or copy

                Media type restriction on reuse

Text only

                Modifications when reusing content

Should be indicated
Must be licenced with CC-BY-SA

        Sold product


Refund within 14 days of purchase
By visiting specified webpage
None after payment

                Financial instruments declaration


                How to order

Contact sales person or use web interface
Google Play Store


                        Charge for late payments

interest + expenses for collecting fee


Swedish Krona
US dollar

                        Due date for payments

Within 30 days

                        Payment during suspension

depending on commitment

                        Payment interval


                        Payment method available

Debit card
Credit card
See website

                        Subscription renewal

May be cancelled by provider with 15 days notice
Monthly unless user requests longer
Automatic if not cancelled

                        Suspension for late payments

automatic, until paid in full


User is responsible


                        Additional costs

Service fee

                        Price changes

May happen

                                Acceptance of price change

Continued use

                                New price effective

After expiry of prepaid period

                                Notification of price change

Written notice 30 days prior
Will be communicated to user

                        Price models available

Free - just for fun
Subscription based - ad free
Pay for one, take two
Free to user - ad-supported
Government funded

                        VAT and taxes

Included in stated price

                Refunding in case of cancellation

None if terminated by provider
May be possible from seller
None except during cooling off period

                        Time limit for refunds

3 months

                Reselling of the product

Permission required

                Responsibility for product


        Third-party contributions

Must not contain ads
Specific rules apply

                Outbound links

Separate window
Provider takes no responsibility

        User generated content

                Banned content

Malicious code
Copyright infringement
Obscene material
Types of banned content listed
Identification documents
Pyramid schemes and chain letters
Sensitive financial information
Polls and enquiries
Export restricted material
Too lengthy
Hateful content
Commercial secrets

                Collection of other's data

Not allowed
Permission required

                Deletion of user content

Provider can remove if copyright infringement
Possible, except backups and copies
Provider can remove if violating agreement

                Export from provider

Within reasonable time after contract termination

                How contributions will be attributed

Hyperlink or list of contributors

                        Attribution of third-party contributors

Primarily in metadata

                Licensing of user generated content

Provider can use and adapt for tech reasons
Provider can use for free
Provider can modify
Provider and affiliates get permission to use

                Ownership of user generated content

Provider gets limited licence
User keeps ownership
Provider and affiliates get unlimited licence

                        Withdrawal of UGC

Deletion by user means licence ends
Will remain on backups

                Responsibility for user content

Provider not responsible
User only

                Reuse of user generated content

According to license
Only using provided html code
Commercial use requires permission

                Third party access to content

Restriction possible
Separately regulated
Several licenses available
Can be controlled by user settings

                Use of provider's trademarks

Permission required
Not granted

                What content can be re-published here

Content with CC-BY-SA-compatible licence

Provider behaviour

Allowed to publicize partnership with user

        Account names

Can be reclaimed


If user settings allow it

                Behavioural advertising


        Send messages to user

                Send email to user


                Send newsletter

User can opt-out

                Send snail mail to user


        Supervision and censorship


Provider can censor content

                Investigation of user behaviour


                Supervision of user conduct

Permitted but not required

                Supervision of user data

Provider may supervise abuse data

        Utilize users computer hardware




No guarantee
Not in US territory
Not if provider thinks it may be illegal
from start to end of term
Can be limited

                Advance notification of downtime


                Number of user computers

Maximum 3

        Changes to service

Automatic upgrades allowed by user
User can subscribe to notifications
Limitation of usage volume may happen
Allowed without prior notification


Cookies used

                General information about cookies


                Purpose of cookie use

Main site function
Usage statistics

                Use without cookies

Not possible

        Description of Service

Available in different versions

        Hardware requirements

Provider can revoke support


Tool available for infringment reporting
User brand may be displayed
Separately regulated
Unauthorized use restricted
Owned by provider

                Conflict resolution 1

Appeal will be possible
Instructions given

                Display of Brand features

Provider brand may be displayed
Display right may be revoked on misuse

                IPR contact

Contact info provided

                IPR notices

Must not be altered or removed


Future changes possible for commercial use
May not always remain free
Free for personal use

                Other costs

Mobile data fees may apply


Name given

        Provider can terminate service

For repeat copyright infringers
Any circumstances

        Reselling of the service

Permission required
Not allowed


Cannot be guaranteed

        Service ownership

No duplication allowed
All rights reserved


According to separate terms
Available at extra fee
No support available


The agreement

        Activation and Termination

                How does the user accept?

By using or copying the software
By using the service
Access or use
By use OR signup
On signup

                Provider termination of agreement

If payment 60 days late
If breaching contract twice
Not by failing to enforce some part
If part ceases business operation
If service breaches IPR
On unauthorized use
Allowed if user gets new owner
If service not commercially possible
If not curing breach within 30 days

                Survival of terms after termination

Listed terms still valid

                User termination of agreement

Delete account
Allowed if provider gets new owner
On user request, but...
Stop using
Some terms cannot be terminated
Must contact provider

                Who can enter the agreement?

Must read the agreement first
Person who is legally able
Nationality restrictions
Organizations only with permission from provider
Restrictions for certain nationals

                        Age restriction

13 or above
12 or above and parents permission

                        Special requirements

Must own domain name

                        Unwelcome users

Convicted sex offenders
Users not allowed here by law

        Applicable version

Latest version applies

        Change of Terms

At providers discretion
Commercially reasonable changes allowed

                Advance notice of term changes

Number of days specified


Must be in writing

                Approval of change

Continued use
Refusal possible until end of current term

                Notification of changed terms

Lookup webpage
Subscription available
Material changes will be communicated with some effort
Diff will be available in service
Provider will try to notify user

                Previous versions

Archived for comparison

                User influence on term changes

Procedure described
Minor changes cannot be influenced
Comments welcome



Reference to procedure and contact info


Can be used as provider sees fit
Web forum

                Legal notices

Requirements specified

                Public statements

Written permission required


Contact info provided

        Conflict resolution

Third party assigned

        Consequences of Violations

User only is responsible
Damages or prison
Contract can be terminated
Blocking of user
Cancellation of ticket validity
Possible removal of content


According to court decision
Set amounts

                Notification of removal of content


                Specific example of conflict

Name given

                Time limit on disputes

1 year


All rights reserved


                Definition of confidentiality


                Definition of part

Name and address given
Contact info
Provider subsidiaries considered part of provider
Registration number given
No third party beneficiaries
Name given

                Definition of product


                Definition of Use

Taking any benefit from


from start to termination

        Equitable relief

Not limited

        Highlighting of part

Reference to specific section

        Influence outsite of service

May apply to other website
Provider not responsible for transactions between user and third party


Exception for US government entities
Provider chooses
California, USA
Alberta, Canada
User country of residence

        Language of agreement


        Legal effect

Binding agreement

        Limitation of Licence

Single computer

        Non-normative information

Background to the agreement

        Relation to other contract

Other contract applies to some customers
Other contract has detailed terms
Reference to applicable law
Reference to remaining parts of contract
Instructions in other document
Special rules apply in some countries
Reference to non-applicaple law
More details presented in relevant situation
This contract is complete
Derives from
Separate rules apply to some usage

                Complies with

Trust-e requirements
EU Safe harbor


EU Safe harbor

                Conflicting terms

Other contract overrides this
This document takes precedence
Any third party licenses override this
Precedence of documents provided
This contract supersedes previous ones
Subsite contracts override this


Url of website
Scope described


Other terms still valid

        Transfer by provider

Permission granted
Permission required, except to affiliate

        Transfer by user

Permission required
Not allowed
Permission required, except to affiliate

User behaviour

        Accetable use

Only for listed purposes
Not for High risk activities
Applicable law
According to currently applicable Terms of Use
Only in permitted territories
Only personal use
Must only speak English here

                Access to provider computer systems

Not allowed
Permission required

                Circumvent DRM

Not allowed

                Distribution of confidential information

Employees and affiliates: need-to-know + written NDA. Others: none.
Not allowed

                Facilitate violations

Not allowed

                Linking to content

Only to full window
More instructions available
Permission granted but revokable

                Reverse engineering

Not allowed
Permission required

                Security testing

Not allowed


                Access other's account

Permission required
Not allowed

                Account transfer

Permission required

                Disabled account

Must not be replaced with new

                        Data access when account disabled


                        Notification of disabled account

On login attempt or email

                Multiple accounts

Not allowed

                Password management

Must not be shared with others
Strong password recommended
User is responsible

                Responsibility for account activities

User is responsible

                Suspected account intrusion

Must tell provider using specified procedure

        Commercial activities

Permission required
No selling of personal status updates
Specific rules apply



                        Link farming

Not allowed

        Interaction via software

                Automated database replication

Not allowed


Permission required
Only search engine indexing

                DoS attack

Not allowed

                Restriction on API usage

License granted to use provided code
Provider can require data to be deleted
Only upload data that user has approved
Only request needed data
Provider can limit access

                        Privacy policy

Must be followed
Must have one
Must register its URL

                        Relationship with provider

Must be properly presented

                        Requirements on connected application

Must provide contact info
Must allow analysis by provider
Must allow competition by provider
Must allow advertisements from provider
Must give provider all necessary rights
Must make it easy for user to disconnect
Must allow auditing by provider
Must provide customer support

                Software used

Must use most recent version
Only downloaded from authorized source

                Spreading of malicious code

Explicitly banned



        Redistribution of service

Responsibility for third party contacts regulated

        Responsibility for user conduct

User only

        Social behaviour

No bullying

                Blocking other people

Not allowed


Not allowed

                Hiding your traces

Not allowed

                Identity theft

Not allowed

                Mailing people

Permission required

                Tagging people

Permission required

        Users must

Keep contact details up-to-date
Try to prevent unauthorized use
Use latest version of software
Read this document
Leave peasant like behavior at home

        Users should

Print or save this document

Warranties and limitation of Liabilities

        Force majeur

Neither party liable
Provider takes no responsibility


User also protected
Procedure described
Listed reasons


No liability for technical problems
None regarding use of content
No liability for problems caused by user breach of contract
Provider can be liable for death or injury
None for indirect damages
User can be liable
None regarding rights
Full limitation of liability

                Limitation of liability

Some exceptions listed
Provider is not responsible for limiting access
User waives certain rights
No guarantee
Users only right is to quit using service
No responsibility for 3rd party licensing
Even if provider knew about the risk
Provider not responsible for third party claim caused by user
As far as allowed by law
Maximum amount for provider liability given
Provider not responsible for user loss
No more than user has paid last 12 months

        Misc disclaimers

No commercial relationship established

        Relationship through this agreement

Not to be considered as advice
No attorney relationship
No agency relationship
No partnership or joint venture


Users own risk

                Loss of ticket

No reimbursement
Ticket can be re-printed


According to SLA
Nothing outside of this agreement
As is