CommonTerms beta testing

A new way to summarize Terms & Conditions

This is how it works:

  1. Website owners use a generator (web form) to select their most important terms from our database of common terms.
  2. The generator generates html code for a one-screen preview, which the website owner can paste into their site.
  3. The previews have a uniform layout, use common, short formulations so that visitors can easily get an overview of the most important aspects of the Terms.
More information about the CommonTerms proposal.

Beta testing

During 2012, we did alpha testing - applying our proposal on one website to get real-life feedback. We also did usability studies, and studied what other related projects have done. Based on these different studies, we refined our proposal and are currently (May 2013 and onwards) in beta test stage.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us so that we can improve!

Our ambition is to bring this specification, or a derivative from it, to standard status. We do this work together with the OpenNotice group on a global level.

Legal disclaimer

Please notice that the respective website owners are responsible for their own terms & conditions, and how they are communicated to users. This includes summaries produced with the CommonTerms preview generator.

CommonTerms do not provide legal advice, nor do we offer any attorney-client relationship.

Every part of CommonTerms is currently provided as-is, for free, and ad-free. During beta testing, please consider CommonTerms to be experimental, especially with regard to formulations in the term summaries, that have not yet been approved by lawyers.

Get your own Preview

If you want to provide a CommonTerms summary for your own website, please use the generator.